The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet

You will actually find that all of the principles about food that I teach you in the 8020 Fat loss program are applicable to us at any age. I only recommend wholesome, natural foods. – that support us at every stage of life – especially during growth!

If you are following the daily eating plan, in the first week for example there’s a tasty tomato turkey soup, some fish dishes, and one night you make breakfast for dinner 🙂 – great things like that.

I include a pesto recipe each week to spice up some of the dishes without adding condiments or high-sugar/high-sodium sauces. While some of my readers tell me their kids love garlic, others aren’t so fond of it. You can easily make small substitutions to things like that, and stick to the plan for yours. The femalefatfree allows you to get rid of cellulite and shed pounds quickly.